Nordic walking on Zauberberg


Nordic walking on Zauberberg

Trend sport Nordic walking on Semmering

With the Finnish trend sport a cool Nordic flair reaches the magic mountain

Nordic walking poles can be borrowed at the Panhans Vital Club:
We charge Euro 5.- per pair (Euro 15.- deposit)

Refreshing Nordic walking  - through the spring like mountain area – with summer temperatures on shadowy walking paths  - or on romantic,  snowy winter paths – this means comfort for our wellbeing. With this trendy and healthy form of sport the start to a "moving life" is easy.

Nordic walking is a fitness activity for everybody that can be easily learnt and which improves stamina, weight loss and supports the regeneration of muscles and joints. For fitness enthusiasts this effective full body training is not only a healthy alternative to running, but also strengthens the immune system and enhances the stamina and the performance.

Why Nordic walking?
Nordic walking is walking with special poles which are not held but swing to the sides of your body with each movement of your arms. This healthy sport stems from Finland where it was introduced in 1997. It has grown in popularity ever since.

46 per cent more effective
With regards to pulse rates and the burnt calories Nordic walking is up to 46 per cent more effective than normal walking although it is not sensed as more tiring. At the same time it spares the joints and is less sweat-inducing than jogging. This is why Nordic walking is the ideal method to get fit gently and to have fun at the same time.

Unstable system
Enjoying Nordic walking regularly creates new health capacities. Health is an unstable system which is exposed to many sickening stimuli. This is why it gets more and more important to have health reserves at command, so that in times of high stress you are forearmed against viral and bacterial influxes on the immune system or multiple exposures. In our modern times the four most prominent sickening physiological burdens are stress, physical inactivity, nutritional deficiency and social isolation. The healthiest pill you can be prescribed is more power exercise. Your efficiency will improve due to the steady exercise. Your heart will pump more oxygen through your body, your arteries will be protected from calcifications, your muscles and bones will be strengthened, your immune defence will be improved and your psyche will be uplifted. You will find a more positive attitude to life, increase your self-esteem and wellbeing.

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