Schwarza Viaduct


Schwarza Viaduct

The viaduct over the Schwarza is the longest viaduct of the Semmering railway and next to the church is the landmark of Payerbach.

It was designed by engineer Anton Lewicki, the construction in 1849 of the Vienna Brothers Construction Theuer - executed in 1851, the viaduct is therefore referred to as "Theierbruck" in the vernacular.

The Viaduct is 228 meters long, 25 meters high, with 13 arches, the span of the average 5 arches is 19.9 meters and 9.8 meters of 8 arches.

In 1978-1981 the extensive refurbishment work was carried out.

Along the viaduct piers introduces hölzener web which "Ghegasteg" on the Schwarza.

In two vaulted rooms on the north side of the viaduct is a wine shop - called "Vinodukt".