Reichenau Castle


Reichenau Castle

From Erlangen place - the secret main square of the town of Reichenau - you get about that Schwarza about crossing St. John's Bridge in the oldest part of Reichenau Reichenau, where the castle with all its outbuildings and the church is.

The " Veste Reichenau " was built by Mrs. Pitten-Klamm  about 1190 . 1256 is mentioned in a document of a certain " Perchthold de Reichenau ," meaning the first mention of the town of Reichenau was given.

The ownership changed from Pitten - Klamm , among other things to the family Wolfseck the case Bachern to Duke Otto the Merry , and finally in 1333 to the Cistercians of Neuberg , who used also as an annual seat , the castle 450 years management and remodeled and because of the favorable climate.

The mining and metallurgical plants Innenberg, in 1780, the castle took over and here launched their plant management, are likely to have only little attention to the preservation of the buildings, because 1826 was enough for a small earthquake to destroy various rooms and the chapel.


Then in 1829 the castle was redesigned and rebuilt in part, acquired in 1870 by the brothers Waissnix. The last owner, Margaret Bader Waissnix, a foundation established in 1992 in favor of the municipality of Reichenau, in the castle with all outbuildings, and all chattels and memorabilia were introduced.The purpose of the foundation was started brilliantly with the Lower Austrian Exhibition in 2003 and was continued in the jubilee year 2004 (150 years Semmering Railway) with the exhibition "Fascination Semmering Railway". In 2005, the permanent exhibition "Heritage Reichenau" was opened, which offers a fascinating insight into the past Reichenau. If you want to learn more about the history of the castle, we are at your disposal.