Winter & Summer


Enchanting summer abode…

Whoever explores the surrounding of the Panhans walks from one constructional treasure to another. Many who have fallen in love with Semmering stayed here.
Houses were built. Each and every one is rich in history and stories. And each and every one is a feast for the eyes and another reason to explore Semmering.

...and snowy winter tale!

A snowy winter landscape in itself is magic.
What effect does the winter create on the magic mountain!

Everything is bathed in this white beyond all description. The air is even clearer and the sun is reflected in thousands of snow crystals. To plod contemplatively through the winter woods is one possibility to spend a winter's day on the "magic mountain", Semmering.

Putting skis or snowboards on and letting go would be another. In any case: the starting point and the final destination of your winter's journey is often the Panhans Grand Hotel!

The castle Oberkapfenberg

The castle "Burg Chaffenberch" is mentioned in a document for the first time in 1173.


ECE shopping center

Spring, summer, autumn and winter ECE, really up-to-date (modern) shopping center many brands und...


Malburg lake

Because of its good water quality and its central location Malburg lake has always been a popular...


Stanzer Sonnenweg

Cultural and historical treasures in the Ulrich Church, Ulrich wells, as well as the functional, ...


Kindberg brotherhood tree

Today Kindberg is also famous by its «brotherhood tree ".


Calvary in Kindberg

The Calvary in Kindberg ... a jewel worth seeing one of the most beautiful Calvary Austria - Grea...


Veitsch Pilgrim Cross

The cross of peace is to encourage people to think about what peace means, it should give the vie...


Mitterdorf Freibad

Das neu eröffnete Erlebnisfreibad in Mitterdorf i.M. vereint wohlverdiente Erholung und Entspannu...


Pichl Castle

The Pichl Castle was built up in the 16th Century by Georg Idungspeuger in its preserved form tod...


Krieglach gravel pond

Relax in the water and nature adventure land!


Roseggers Forest School

Thanks to the poet Peter Roseggerstraße and by his own donations and poetry readings the Forest S...


Southern Railway Museum Mürzzuschlag

The Railway Adventure World in Mürzzuschlag


Winter!Sport!Museum Mürzzuschlag

The New Museum presents the world of winter sports in all its diversity in a unique way.


Peter Rosegger Walking way

Peter Roseggerstraße had to be an avid hiker with such a comfortable home.


Climbing park -Stuhleck at Semmering

Built according to the latest guidelines and safety regulations, the climbing park Stuhleck is pr...


Bull show at Ramswirt

Bull show on the Rams.


Reichenau Castle

The " Veste Reichenau " was built by Mrs. Pitten-Klamm about 1190


Schwarza Viaduct

The viaduct over the Schwarza is the longest viaduct of the Semmering railway and next to the chu...


Good Gasteil

Good Gasteil was built from 1920 to 1924 by the Viennese lawyer Dr. Max Silberberg, designed by a...


Castle Gloggnitz

Welcome to the wedding castle Gloggnitz !


Nordic walking on Zauberberg

With the Finnish trend sport a cool Nordic flair reaches the magic mountain


Golfclub Semmering

Golf with tradition on the oldest golf course


Bikepark Zau [: ber :] g Semmering

The Bikepark Zau [: ber :] g Semmering offers to all guests a very special experience!


Mountain biking and cycling on Semmering

The area around Semmering offers a wide range of runs for the ambitious hobby or family cyclist a...


Toboggan run

The magic mountain adventure toboggan run on Hirschenkogel with a length of about 3,1 kilometres ...


The Semmering Train Line

Über 150 Jahre ist sie alt, die Semmeringbahn.



Fun and pleasure seeking winter sport enthusiasts will find their hearts delight on the Zau[:ber:...


Winter hiking

Winter hiking on the Semmering


The Ring

The Ring is a new gastronomy-centre, located directly at the valley station Zau[:ber:]g.