Hair removal... naturally with sugar!


Hair removal... naturally with sugar!

We are glad to offer you a new method of treatment:

Sugar was used already at Kleopatras times as a depilatory mean. Its bactericidal effect is well known, and it's valid in medicine also today as a natural remedy from skin infections.

Planta Natur Zucker - paste for epilation exists contents 100% of natural components. The producer uses a special method to create a consistency which is soft enough to penetrate while applying into the pore opening and at the same time  strongly enough to remove undesirable hair in its natural growth direction with one skilful movement.

Applying the Planta nature Zucker- epilations paste is made against hair direction (vice versa as at usual hair removal!) to penetrate optimally into the pore opening, so that the hair can be softed by water content of the paste and be caught very near at the root.

Even with a hair length of 1-3 mm Planta nature offers a solution for hair removal! The removing of  hair in growth direction - according to its natural inclination corner - prevents any break and reduces  pain at the same time. The structure of the growing  hair refines as a result of continuous treatment.

The sugar epilation paste is applied at body temperature and is absolutely skin-careful, almost painless in the use and can be removed from the skin completely.


Hair removal upper lip: 15 minutes   Euro 20,--
Hair removal upper lip/chin: 20 minutes   Euro 20,--
Hair removal  armpits:  30 minutes   Euro 35,--
Hair removal  legs: 30 minutes   Euro 50,--
Hair removal  calves: 30 minutes   Euro 38,--
Hair removal bikini zone: 30 minutes  Euro 30,--