Candle massage


Candle massage

The extensive massage helps to remove physical spannings and is also good for mind and soul.
Using different, unique smells and gentle light the massage candle generates a harmonious atmosphere.

Relaxou from internal and external stresses during  smooth treatment.
The glaze temperature of unusual wax compositions is between 50 – 60°C.
Beside the well-chosen high-quality wax the coconut oil - traditionally popular component for skin - care is used.

Wählen Sie zwischen anregender oder beruhigender Wirkung:

Orange lemongrass

The composition of aromatic orange oil and stimulating Lemongrass oil provides stimulating character to this unique massage candle.
The refreshing orange smell activates body and mind.

Lavender rosewood
A mixture of gentle lavender-regenerating and skin-regenerating  rosewood oil gives relaxing effect to this unique massage candle.

Partial massage 25 minutes    Euro 45,--
All-body massage   50 minutes   Euro 70,--