Slim wellness compresses


Slim wellness compresses

We are glad to offer you new methods of treatment:

Slim wellness - compress – body styling for elastic, perfectly shaped body contour

JEAN D'ARCEL thalasso corps is a personal care oriented to keep the elasticity, the rationalisation of the skin and to prevent and treat stretch marks and cellulite effect.
„Thalasso corps products“ enable to slow down the formation of cellulite preventive, to tighten the body contour and to model it.

Form your body, using power of the sea:

Sea salt – Bandage - Compress

This sea salt compress works extremely surprising, purifying and skin-tightening.
The use stimulates cells' renewal and is also suitable for sensitive skin.


  • increases blood circulation, stimulates lymph flow
  • activates metabolism and promotes purification
  • promotes removal of water slugs

Time of treatment: 55 minutes
Price:  Euro 75,--


Thalasso – foils – compress

Body-Wrapping has the aim to start blood circulation, during which the body extent decreases, cellulite is reduced, and the skin should become back-formed after diets or after a pregnancy.

With a combination of alga essences the body is wrapped efficiently in form - besides, the fabric is straight and neutralised in the problem zones, such as belly, legs, bottom and hips. Connective tissue weakness and cellulite are fought and the catabolism of fat is promoted.

Time of treatment:  70 minutes
Price:  Euro 80,--

For the continuation of treatment at home we recommend the gel cream „Minceur of cellulite“.
The tender cream helps to fight the visible signs of cellulite and provides a smooth, elastic skin feeling.
The lymphatic stream is stimulated and coached, the contours look clearly refined.

 Gel créme minceur cellulite 200 ml  Euro 48.--