Oxygen treatments


Oxygen treatments

We are glad to offer you the following methods of treatment:

Concentrated oxygen is with vapoured with herbal active substances and is smuggled in deep layers of Dermis using high pressure:

Nowadays the aesthetic claim of the person to his own appearance has strongly grown. Many people come along with thoughts how they can keep youthful appearance longer already at youtful years. That's why the need for cosmetologists, carefully developed treatment technologies has grown.

Tip: Give your skin rejuvenation punch from time to time!

Our offer in Vital club of Panhans hotel:

Oxygen treatment

Oxygen and special active substances reach deep layers of the skin. 
The refreshing and vitalizing treatment with Oxyderma:

  • strengthens microcellular blood circulation
  • activates cells renewal
  • prevents formation of wrinkles
  • improves skin elasticity
  • adjusts suet production
  • refreshes pale "teint"
  • detoxifies and purifies the skin
  • improves the general appearance
  • adjusts the moisture content

Time of treatment:
55 minutes
Price:  Euro 100,--

Combination of oxygen treatment and microdermabrasion

The skin is prepared for the varied active, deeply penetrating substances. Small skin scales and rests of the crystals are sucked off , using vacuum function, and skin depositions are transported outwards.

To be able to achieve better results of treatment, we offer  oxyge and microdermabrasion in the combination program for the reduced price:


Time of treatment:    85 minutes       Price:   Euro 170,--