Hot Stone masage


Hot Stone masage

The effect of a Hot Stone Massage is: immersing people into another world...

Since the Middle Ages the Hawaiian folk have used this method of therapy with stones for healing the body and mind. The island’s inhabitants created an extremely effective massage using the smooth volcanic stones as a tool.

The stones are placed on the energy points in the body (Chakra) which are then gently massaged. This massage releases tight muscles and thereby tension, it pleasantly stimulates the blood circulation and warms the body and supports the lymph glands.

The warmed Hawaiian basalt stones relax the muscles, stimulate mobility, increase positive energy and bring the body, mind and soul into unison. The result of a Hot Stone Massage is deep relaxation and a lovely feeing.

Duration of massage:       75 Minutes    Euro 90,-- 

Pre-registration for your personal appointment is necessary.

Information and registration at the Vital Club on 02664-8181-950.