Collagen light therapy


Collagen light therapy

Seecret® Gives you back the youth.

Seecret® vitalizes your skin and does a lot more:
Only the Seecret®-light therapy has the unique combination of red light collagen for skin and white Vita D + light. 
Seecret® gives you the all-round positive body image and a holistic wellbeing.

It is easier to understand than you think. Seecret® collagen anti-aging goes under your skin 
and gives you back a youthful freshness.


Research on the Effect Seecret®

Prof. Stan Pavel confirmed the effect of light therapy with Seecret anti-aging and the positive effect of
special Vita D + tubes in the Seecret devices:

Prof. Stan Pavel
Associate Professor of Dermatology, Director of phototherapeutic
Department and leading scientists of dermatological
Department of the medical center of the University of Leiden, The Netherlands


3 minutes = 1 chip costs € 2, -
We recommend min. 18 minutes.