Healing earth treatment with "Styx" natural cosmetics


Healing earth treatment with "Styx" natural cosmetics

The healing earth is one of the oldest natural remedies - which  is in addition still very variously in its applicability... The roots of the healing earth treatment might go back in the old cultures of India, China, Egypt or Babylon.

Healing earth can be applied in many areas - as a mean from rheumatism, arthrosis, joint problems, after osseous breaks. Healing earth contains numerous trace elements and minerals and helps with different skin problems, works blood-cleansing, promotes blood circulation, stimulates metabolism and is anti-inflammatory.

This healing earth is combined with the special active substance concentrates for ripe or dry skin, which contribute the elasticity, skin smoothing, reassurance or cells renewal (according to skin type). The cream after the treatment with caviar calms the skin and guarantees elastic and strengthened skin tissue.


Time of treatment: 55 minutes  Euro 80,--