New Year's Eve festive dinner


Kitchen Chef Michael Hackl invites you to dine:

                                                            Amuse Gueule: Beetroot praline on goat’s cheese Crème-Brûlée

                                                                       Slices of speckled trout on blood oranges and peas

                                                                         Kohlrabi Cappuccino with diced cassis cubes

                                                                       Homemade lobster tortellini in a Tahiti vanilla foam
                                                                                           with wasabi and caviar

                                                                                   Lychee, radishes, cucumber, Gin

                                                                             Duet of milk fed veal and Schneeberg beef
                                                                  beef on artichoke cream with baby carrots in truffle juice

                                                                Gingerbread tartlets on premium chocolate chili espuma foam
                                                                                      with marinated dwarf oranges

€ 82,- pro person
(Extra charge for Hotel guests € 52,-,
for children up to 14 years old we charge € 41,-)

We look forward to celebrating New Year’s Eve 2013 together with you!
Table reservations are required: 02664-8181 or under [email protected]