Start of the good day


The Panhans breakfast buffet

Start every day "as a king"...  According to the old wisdom one should eat like a king in the morning, like a citizen at noon and like a beggar in the evening...

The guests are offered gastronomically extensive breakfast buffet early in the morning - some may begin a holiday day so - or dynamically, ready for a conference.

The special fine breakfast with extensive choice is included for hotel guests in the room price.

A small choice of the buffet offers:

Begin your day whether "Healthy" with various wholemeal breads, sesame and linseed cake
or *Consciously" with muesli and cornflakes, in with addition yoghurt, fruit and fresh fruit salad
or *Sweet" with poppy and nut plaits, as well as a big number in jams
or "Robust" with ham with egg, roast small sausage,  choice of sausages and cheese kinds as well as egg spreads and herbal spreads and liver pâtés.

The palette is completed by vitamin juices. Beside the classical drinks in the morning like coffee or cocoa with numerous mixtures as for example blood oranges, Lotos or wild cherry are offered for tea friends.

Also the diet corner and biocorner offers diet jams and various yoghurts with low fat portion.

Invite your business partners or friends to the breakfast!

If you would like to invite own (external) guests as hotel guests to the breakfast, the price per person will make 15 euros,-

Breakfast buffet: every day from 7.00 till 10.00 o’clock