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Reconstruction work Grand Hotel Panhans

Grand Hotel Panhans is closed at the moment because of reconstruction and renovation work.

These renovations are necessary measures, which are implemented step by step according to official guidelines.

The reconstruction work, which includes a rehabilitation of the heating air-conditioning and ventilation areas,
cannot be done during the hotel operation, therefore a closure of the hotel is necessary.
Furthermore, a renovation of the rooms is planned.


Renovation and reconstruction works at Hotel Panhans are progressing.

Because of the size of the Grand Hotel and the enormous work required
through additional, not planned work, which are now being carried out,
the restoration work will take longer than planned.

At the end of October we kindly inform with detailed information about the completion of the work.

There is an attempt trying to open the hotel as quickly as possible in new splendor.
Looking forward welcoming you after the closing period! 

Thank you for your understanding! 
Management Grand Hotel Panhans


Renovation works Grand Hotel Panhans