GPS treasure hunting for companies on Semmering

The GPS treasure hunting for companies is adventurous, fun and brings employees together.

Imagine being on your way in teams in the beautiful landscape of Semmering. With the help of a GPS device you are walking from hidden box to hidden box.
But what are you going to find in the hidden boxes?

Choose between the following options for the GPS treasure hunting:

1. Treasure hunt – speed: We are looking for the fastest team!

In the boxes you are going to find stamps. Collect them and hunt the next hidden box.
Which team is the fastest in collecting all the stamps and returning to the starting point?

2.Treasure hunt – teampuzzle

In the boxes you are going to find pieces of a puzzle. Each team collects parts of the puzzle and in the end you are putting it all together. The puzzle can be a picture of the team or the logo of your company, to be hanged on the wall of the office.
Finish the puzzle all together
Price for puzzle: 30€

3. Treasure hunt – quizzes and riddles: We are looking for the team with the most points!

In the boxes you are going to find quizzes and riddles. For every correctly answered quiz or solved riddle you get points. It is possible to involve questions about your company.
Which team gets the most points?

4. Treasure hunt – teamgames

In the boxes you are going to find exercises for teamgames. These will bring you group dynamics, fun and action.
To solve the teamgames as a group

It is possible to combine these variations. Please contact for further information!

Duration: about 2,5 hours
Wear stable shoes! 

10 - 40 person  from 40 person
€ 400,- flat price € 10,- per person

Preise, €
Person bis 10 bis 15 16-30 ab 31
Overall arrangements

All information without guarantee
Please order: Christine Trost or Cornelia Kiengraber or call: +43 (0)2664-8181-913.